Problem in Particular Role Center i.e for Rapid Start

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Hi Experts

when I open in rapid start service role centre and when I try to open sale order Page (42) From Sales Order List Page(9305) then Nav Client Stopped Working Immediately with the message "Nav Client Has Stopped Working". This Problem is only for page 42 and when I try to open same page from any other role centre then the page get open. Please suggest Solution to open the page 42 from Rapid start service role centre. Have I deleted some permission for the page from rapid start role centre. Is there is any table where we can define which page is going to open in particular role centre.


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    You did not specify which version you are on. I am assuming it is NAV 2013 R2.

    May I suggest that you try to the following steps:
    1) Delete the user personalization for the id that you use to login.
    Go to the user personilization page.
    Locate the user that you use to login.
    Click the Edit button.
    In the new page click the Actions tab.
    Click the Clear Personalized page button.
    Log out and then log in and then try again.
    2) Delete the object metadata of the page.
    There are steps for deleting the object metadata objects and then recompiling the page object.

    Do let us know the outcome. :D
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    Problem Solved, Thanks a Lot...
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