Add Record Link via webservice?

pizzacopizzaco Posts: 2Member
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I'm trying to create a program to automatically add URL links to G/L and Vendor Journal entries. Since the program will be "outside" of Navision, I want to do this via a webservice. So far, I haven't found a Page or CodeUnit that provides functionality to create a Record Link.

Is there any way I can get at the Record Links via a webservice?

Just to be clear, the links I'm trying to add should end up in table 2000000068, "Record Link". This for NAV 2009.


  • mathieukmathieuk Posts: 15Member
    You could create a new codeunit and add it to the web service table.
    Then, you just need to create a function in the codeunit to add the link to your record by using the addlink function.

  • coutacouta Posts: 3Member
    there is not possible to add it just on c#?

    can you send a sample code to have on codeunit..

    i need to add a file to attach on Purchase Header on record link..

    do you know a easy way?
  • mathieukmathieuk Posts: 15Member
    Just create a new codeunit and add it to the web service table.
    Then, create a new function in the codeunit called something like "AddPurchHeaderLink" with the Purchase Number, the description of the link and the url of the link as parameters.
    Then, you only need to do something like that

    Hope it makes sense
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