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hi everyone,
I have a big problem with a temporary table i want to publish as webservice. Let me explain better: here's the page design
--Customercode (a variable of type code)
--Group (the repeater)
my page is obviously based on a temporary table and the web application passes me the CustomerCode as a parameter i need for processing the data i need to create the temporary table.
Now, i'll tell you some statements:
1. CustomerCode value is available in onaftergetrecord trigger but NOT in the onopenpage trigger
2. I CAN populate the temporary table at the time of the first loop of the onaftergetrecord trigger
3. If i do "2", Readmultiple method works as soon as a bookmarkkey is not declared (the web application read records 10 by 10). If the bookmark is declared, the system returns "Contact xxxx do not exist". I think this happens because the system tries to GET the bookmarked record from the (still) not populated temporary table.
4. I tried to hardcode the customercode varibale and then i moved the temporary table population to the onopenpage trigger
5. If i do "4", everything works fine

How can I make my page work? I cannot use xmlport, because i Need paging. Is the linkedobject a possible solution?
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