Active Sessions not available in Debugger in NAV 2013

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Hi Experts,

At one of our client, When we go into the debugger system is not showing any active sessions even-though there are many users (at least more than 50) are logged in the NAV 2013.

I started looking into this issue and found that the issue is in "Session Event" table. in this table, when user get logged in the entry get inserted as Logon but immidiately in some seconds other entry for close and Logoff get inserted with comment of "Force closed by server" but the user is still working on the system and hence that user is not getting available in Active session and debugger.

This issue is now pain for us because we are not able to debug the session in case where there is a problem in transaction and we need to find out the issue.

Please help us in this matter.


  • Excepti0nalExcepti0nal Posts: 74Member
    Do you have more than one instance running on the service tier?
  • ravishahravishah Posts: 12Member
    Dear Expert,

    Sorry for Delay in response,

    Yes, We have created three different instances on three different application server for the same NAV database to distribute the Application server Load.

    2 services for users
    1 service for admin and developer
  • Excepti0nalExcepti0nal Posts: 74Member
    Restart the user services on the service tier, then try to open the sessions table from the dev env. If this doesn't work, restart the service tier server.
  • jbridgukjbridguk Posts: 4Member

    I am seeing the same problem.
    We had an issue a few days ago when SQL went down.

    SQL was restarted but since then, users sessions are logged off with Status 4 in Session Event table with "Session force closed by server".
    The session then disappears from the Active Session table - even though the user can continue to work.

    I have restarted the user service tiers but it has not fixed the issue.

    Did you find that a restart of the whole service tier server was required?
  • CaponeCapone Posts: 111Member
    I don't Think this will solve the issue but have you double checked the SQL rights on the accounts you are using?
    I have experienced problem with killing sessions and so because of to low SQL permissions. You need to be at least securityadmin to delete/modify sessions.
    Hello IT, have you tried to turn it off and on?
    Have you checked the cables?
    Have you released the filters?
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