4.03 SQL 2005 x32 to SQL 2008 x64

melman2013melman2013 Posts: 2Member

I have a 2003 Server x32 with SQL 2005 x32 with 4.03 SQL Database. I have performed a technical exe with 5.01 classic and NAS in production from Partner and all is good.

Now....can I upgrade this or drop, mount, or wizard this, into Server 2008 x64 with SQL 2008 x64 and run the 2009 R2 exe with the 4.03 db in classic? I have tested 2009 R2 exe with 4.03 db and all is good, also NAS is running fine, of course.

I am not asking much am I....? I have a Partner but I need to do some research first. Anybody think this is possible?

Thank you.


  • David_SingletonDavid_Singleton Posts: 5,367Member
    Sure you can do it. But what is the question? DO you mean are the versions compatible, or is it performance you are concerned about?
    I recently took a client from Native 4.00 sp3 on Win 2003 to and EXE upgrade to 2009R2 on Win2008 and SQL2012 and all was fine. But of course that doesn't mean it works every time.
    David Singleton
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