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Dear All,

I've got a customer which sells a uniform. Usually in this sector a client has got a default item list from which the employees of the client may choose their uniform from.

Can anyone suggest any functionality which could satisfy this setup. I was thinking of using standard sales codes but I'm not sure whether there is a better option as standard sales codes may be quite time-consuming to set up and maintain.



  • ChinmoyChinmoy Posts: 359Member
    Can you give us some more details on what exactly you want to do? Like, from which interface the employees will choose, is it from the Sales Order? who are these employees, are they users of NAV?
  • sabzamsabzam Posts: 1,149Member
    NAV Version: NAV2009R2
    Transaction: Sales Invoice
    Users: NAV Users

    Scope: Avoiding having customers buying items by mistake
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    Try cross references
    David Singleton
  • sabzamsabzam Posts: 1,149Member
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