Updtion of LDC in the Item Card

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Hi experts,

I have the following scenario problem at my clients place.

Suppose I purchase 100 quantity of item A in the month of May at unit price Rs.50. Then make the purchase receipt and Invoice in the same month

Then suppose I purchase 100 quantity in the month of July at Rs. 60. Then make purchase receipt and Invoice.

If I want to make a Return Order in the month of August for the first batch of items which was purchased in the month of May the system should take the unit price of the items as Rs. 50. But I found that when i Get Receipt Lines in the Return Order the system takes the unit price as Rs. 60 instead as Rs. 50.
Is it because the system updates the LDC with Last Unit cost which was posted in the Item Card.

Pls help ASAP.
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