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hello Experts,

I was tryig to export inventory items via Export to Excel functionality. There is a field Picture. I coded it like

TempExcelBuffer.VALIDATE("Row No.",RowNo);
TempExcelBuffer.VALIDATE("Column No.",7);
TempExcelBuffer."Cell Value as Text" := '';
TempExcelBuffer.Formula := '';
TempExcelBuffer.Bold := FALSE;
TempExcelBuffer.Italic := FALSE;
TempExcelBuffer.Underline := FALSE;
TempExcelBuffer.Picture := Picture ;
(There i added picture field on excel buffer)

This works fine in Classic but While printing on RTC i can not get the picture exported

Please Help me>.>>>>>>


  • udayrmerudayrmer Posts: 171Member
    Try by setting Property EnableExternalImages yes in report
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  • tularamtularam Posts: 97Member
    I am using the database not the external image
  • mihail_kolevmihail_kolev Posts: 379Member
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  • tularamtularam Posts: 97Member

    What to edit???
  • Mark_BrummelMark_Brummel Posts: 4,244Member, Moderators Design Patterns
    What are you trying to achieve? Should the pictrure showup in Excel?

    Does that really work in the Classic Client? I'd expect that you have done more customisation to the excel buffer table than what shows in your post.

    If this works, I assume you export the picture to a folder before you pick it up in excel. Maybe the picture now sits on the service tier when run in the RTC?
  • ddlarscddlarsc Posts: 19Member, Microsoft Employee
    As already mentioned we need a little more details on the user scenario.

    Do you want the data incl. the picture to show up in Excel? Are you printing from Excel or do you expect it to print directly without showing up in Excel?

    When you say that classic client works, how does it actually looks there, showing in report, excel or table?
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  • tularamtularam Posts: 97Member
    My user wants all the inventory items (For example) in excel file with picture within one of the cell after item description.
    Item description Picture Quantity on Hand
    B1 Bicycle :D 234

    Exactly like this in first sheet of excel file.
  • Maria-SMaria-S Posts: 46Member
    B1 Bicycle :D 234

    Exactly like this in first sheet of excel file.

    In such case you can just create a report with printed layout and select Print > Excel on request form. System will generate excel file for you.
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