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flyingjujuflyingjuju Posts: 35Member
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i want to use the auto increment in the database for a code field.
It is the primary key in the table.

How can I create this auto increment ? it is a property for the field ?
I have to do it in code ?

Thank you for your help



  • ChinmoyChinmoy Posts: 359Member
    You can link it to a Number Series... however, you have to anyways write some code to generate the new number.

  • ufukufuk Posts: 505Member
    Autoincrement property can be used only for numeric type fields (integer, biginteger)
    If you use code type field then you have to do some development (using no. series or not)
    Do you really require an alphanumeric pk? Why do you use code type?
    Ufuk Asci
  • flyingjujuflyingjuju Posts: 35Member
    you're right. I will use an integer primary key.
    What is the property to be used for autoincrement?

    Can you explain please?
  • udayrmerudayrmer Posts: 171Member
    Go to properties of field, change autoIncrement = yes
    Uday Mer | MS Dynamics NAV Techno-Functional Consultant
  • flyingjujuflyingjuju Posts: 35Member
    i don't have this property in the field in the table

    I'm in navision financial 2.6
  • udayrmerudayrmer Posts: 171Member
    Then you should write code it
    Uday Mer | MS Dynamics NAV Techno-Functional Consultant
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