Metadata Issue, Object of type Page not found.

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Dear all,

i am stuck with an issue with Metadata.
i am trying to create Sales Order through web services. And after create i call for automatic BOM Item explode.
Most the case i am getting exception from BOM explode code
Metadata for object of type Page with id 27006562 is in a failed state. This is caused by a previous exception: Object of type Page with id 27006562 could not be found.

as it says page id 27006562 doesnt exist in my db, i checked and no other object have referencees to this page.
i have no idea why its refering to such a page.

please giude me.

thank you


  • udayrmerudayrmer Posts: 171Member
    Please Compile & save this page
    Uday Mer | MS Dynamics NAV Techno-Functional Consultant
  • aavioaavio Posts: 176Member
    Dear udayrmer,

    but the page id 27006562 doesnt exist in my db. :(
  • mohana_cse06mohana_cse06 Posts: 4,905Member
  • pawanppawanp Posts: 90Member
    If you have added any new function in either form/page make sure Function ID should be same on page and form.
  • Troubles_In_ParadiseTroubles_In_Paradise Posts: 588Member
    I'm not sure that this could help you btw..
    I've seen this behaviour also with reports when renaming them from an ID to another.
    To solve this issue I search in the Object Metadata table records related to Old Id and New Id and I delete them.
    After that I compile the report (in this way the Object Metadata is created) and problem is solved.
    It seems it remains something "dirty" in the Object Metadata table.
    It works as expected... More or Less...
  • Troubles_In_ParadiseTroubles_In_Paradise Posts: 588Member
    sorry double post
    It works as expected... More or Less...
  • aavioaavio Posts: 176Member
    hi guyz i solved it.

    within Coding, there was code to run form
    when executed same code called from webservice, it somehow refering to page object of same ID as form. :roll:
    i am not sure why its so :shock:

    i just skiped executing the FORM.RUNMODAL when called from webservice. :D

    thanks everyone for your valuable input.
    From this issue i understood that for all Metadata issues, just compiling objects will not solve the issue. :) :D
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