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I am developing a control addin for RTC. It works well on my pc and also in 5 virtual machines (W7-64, W7-32, Win 2003) and also different NAV-versions (2009 SP1 and 2009 R2). Only one pc has problems with it. This pc is in a different location/company.

First I received the error that the page contains a non-valid control add-in. It was not possible to load the page.

After compiling twice it was possible to load the page, but with a new error-message ("Contol Add-in Error, could not locate the add-in library for ...").

I can reproduce this error, when I rename the dll of the addin (myaddin.dll -> myaddin.dll.old). I found no other way to get this error. But on the problem-pc all is renamed correct and registered in GAC.

NAV-version and build (29626) are same on the pc’s. All are using Cronus-DB and Cronus-license.
The page containing is same on all PC. Imported from fob.
All pc are running with admin-privileges
Restart the service-tier-service (also on each pc) did not help
On the problem-pc are installed different NV-versions parallel (5 and 2009 SP1).

Does anybody have a idea to solve this?



  • vsnasevsnase Posts: 23Member
    In table Client Addins exists fields name, token, version, description. It seems that NAV checks name, token and version when loading the addin. Leaving the field version empty and it runs.

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