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ReinhardReinhard Posts: 290Member
Hello experts!
I'm looking for some pointers.
Client has released production orders, and then posts consumption or capacity ledgers (routing output) against that order. Now the order is cancelled.
And they can't delete the prod. order, because entries exist: EVEN IF THE ENTRIES ZERO OUT
Or what about if everything they made turned to scrap? This is not allowed by the system either. ie only consumption with no output. Although this is of course possible in the real world, right?

You can imagine their frustration with this. Nothing in Nav or mibuso seems to account for this. So does this mean that every prod. order ever released and then cancelled in Nav ever is still floating around, released, today? :) :roll:

I'm thinking of adding a "Cancel" button to the production order which will zero out all postings and then delete the order.
Should that be OK especially if the "Applied-To Entry" is set for any item journal postings?

Thank you...

- Reinhard


  • gerrykistlergerrykistler Posts: 149Member
    The production or scrap has to be reported somehow. If you think about it the consumption costs are sitting in WIP - what do you do with that? What about components that are no longer usable - where does that cost go?

    One option (which uses standard functionality) would be to Output a quantity, change the status to finished and then do a negative adjustment applied to the Output. This way the scrapping can be tracked and the costs would get calculated but not have an impact on anything else. This way you could assign a Business Posting Group on the negative adjustment and direct the costs to a specific scrap account.

    Now if the components are usuable then an option would be to make a modifictation that would allow you to change the status to Finsihed if there are entries but the sum of the consumption quantity of all components is zero. Then you would reverse the consumption and change the status to Finsihed thus keeping record of that production order. Then if the components are not re-usable, you could do the same I described above for the Output.
    Gerry Kistler
    KCP Consultores
  • ReinhardReinhard Posts: 290Member
    Hi gerry,
    Thank you that is good info.

    I did make a similar modification. It wasn't too bad, I guess I was just afraid to mess with it.

    - Reinhard
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