Excel only allows upto 65000 rows error resolved in NAV 2013

manisharma31manisharma31 Posts: 276Member
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When you run Analysis by dimension report & try to export the data in excel using the standard function & if the data is very large you get the error.

Error Message:-
"There are 65000 rows within the filter. Excel only allows up to 65000 rows".

Now the error has been resolved from NAV 2013 onwards.

Now when you use the standard function of export to excel via analysis by dimension report, NAV now checks for the excel version is not less than Ver 12 and No. of Rows is greater than 65000.


  • srijayksrijayk Posts: 1Member
    How this can be handle in NAV 2013. From Report Viewer there is a limit of 65000 rows.
    Is there any patch which will help to resolve this issue.
  • geordiegeordie Posts: 641Member
    Hi, please check CheckNoOfRows function in Export Analysis View codeunit which performs this control.
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