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derekderek Posts: 22Member
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We have starting project with handheld devices and NAV web services.
Therefore, I´m looking good toolkit for web service testing.

Have you guys found any suitable program for WSDL ad-hoc testing and exploring of services?

So far I have found soapUI, but out-of-box there are some limitations with user definition (kerberos/ntlm).
I also found good post http://naverp.wordpress.com/2009/05/04/web-service-proxy-for-nav-web-service/ of how to overtake a this limitation. But if you have some recommendable programs I´m glad to heard them.


  • krikikriki Posts: 7,922Member, Moderator
    I have tried to use soapUI but couldn't get it working. So I started Visual Studio 2010 and starting programming in C# to test webservices.
    Regards,Alain Krikilion
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  • JAJJAJ Posts: 51Member

    I use soapUI 4.0.1. and remote debugging.

  • mdPartnerNLmdPartnerNL Posts: 746Member
    JAJ wrote:

    ... and remote debugging.


    What do you mean by this; are you debugging the NAV webservice?
  • JAJJAJ Posts: 51Member
    JAJ wrote:

    ... and remote debugging.


    What do you mean by this; are you debugging the NAV webservice?

    Hi mdPartnerNL,

    Yes I am debugging the NAV webservice the same shape that RTC. I have it in Pre-Production environment through Remote debugging from Microsoft Visual Studio 2008.

    I have a spanish blog and I am going to try to write in the next blog post a "How to", obviously in English. (http://albertinonav.blogspot.com.es/)

    Best Regards.
  • deV.chdeV.ch Posts: 543Member
    For Invoking Webservices for testing purpose, reading wsdl, etc: i use WebserviceStudio

    available here: http://webservicestudio.codeplex.com/
  • derekderek Posts: 22Member
    Thank you all for your ideas.

    Now I get this soapUI to work with NAV, without Proxy or any other component.
    The solution was disable to IPv6 protocol http://support.microsoft.com/kb/929852
    Now I have direct link to Web Services and I could make WSDL parameter requests.
    This feels a necessary program for my toolbox.
  • JAJJAJ Posts: 51Member

    Maybe is useful for somebody.

    http://albertinonav.blogspot.com.es/201 ... .html#more

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