Indian Rupee Symbol in Navision

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Dear All,

Can Indian Rupee Symbol be incorporated in Navision?
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    Could you explain how?

    Thank you for your reply.
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    Where do you want to see it? A report?
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    Have you tried the following? Start -> Run -> charmap. As the Rupee sign is available in Unicode (see below) you should be able to find it there, copy it and paste it in Navision.


    On 10 August 2010, the Unicode Technical Committee accepted the proposed code position U+20B9 ₹ indian rupee sign (HTML: ₹ graphic:).[23] The character has been encoded in the Unicode 6.0, and named distinctly from the existing character U+20A8 ₨ rupee sign (HTML: ₨), which will continue to be available as the generic rupee sign.[24][25]
    Ubuntu became the first operating system (OS) to support the Indian rupee symbol by default. Since Ubuntu 10.10, codenamed as Maverick Meerkat, it has supported the symbol out of the box.[26]
    The rupee symbol has been added in Fedora 15, codenamed as Lovelock.[27]
    On 18 May 2011, Microsoft released an update to Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008, Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 operating systems to include support for this new Indian rupee symbol. This update includes font support, locale changes, and keyboard support.[28]
    Apple Inc. has added support for the rupee symbol with iOS 5.
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