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My goal is to synchronize Outlook 2010 to NAV. Only in this sense, at least in the first phase.
After numerous attempts I managed to sync contacts from Outlook in NAV. I do that via Web Services.
I have created a 'XX' salesperson in NAV which has assigned a name that is equal to the name of the Owner of Outlook.
I've created a contact with the same code to the salesperson.
Now, one of my first goals is to create tasks in Outlook, assign them to a contact and that these tasks be synchronized in NAV.
Tasks should relate to a contact so that from NAV can see everything what is doing with a contact.
I understand that the task should I link it with a contact in Outlook but I don't know how I do it. I do not see this field on the form in the Outlook task.

Anyway, somebody knows a good (good) documentation about de syncronization for NAV 2009 and Outlook?
What are the principal parameters to be configured, what are meaning and purpose of fields, filters, ...
I think that it works, but I believe that it's very breakable or 'delicate' and if you don't configure correctly the user is lost with error messages (troubleshoting) to hard to understand.
This is my first experience, and I'm worried about it.
Thanks a lot.


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    Is this:
    a) an official assignment you got at your workplace or?
    b) you just have too much spare time and want to reinvent the wheel?

    If the answer is a) I feel sorry for you and you should stop right there.
    If it's b) you REALLY should consider spending your valuable time on doing something that's not been done a thousand times before and is considered standard in NAV.
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    Thanks, but I just do not understand your answer&query, either you don't have understood my query.
    I'm talking about to work with the functionallity of Synchronization with NAV and Outlook. I'm in a wrong way? Doesn't it works?

    I've been working with NAV since 1990 and I think that I know how is NAV. I have spend many hours to learn and understand how it works, I have developed many solutions in NAV that not were in standard and correct many 'bugs' in the standard.

    Only thing I would ask is to know the experience of someone who has fought with this functionality, share knowledge, know where I can find information, and work hours reasonable to solve a customer's requirements. I do not intend to invent anything, but just the opposite, trying to use the NAV standard.

    In 1990 there was not this forum. Today there are many ways to share knowledge (I've done it in other forums) and I think that this forum is the best. If this query is not appropriate in this forum, please tell me. If don't, and you have experience about it, please share it.

    And if I find a person in my country that can help me, and I have to pay for it, we'll talk.

    I don't know if I can explain.
    Thanks a lot.
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    Since NAV4 a certain Outlook plugin option can be installed from the standard NAV CD/DVD. The functionality offers seamless integration of MS Outlook into NAV. This means, amongst other things, contacts from NAV can be managed in Outlook and vice versa.
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    Hi rhpnt : I know this, thanks. This phase has been surpassed.

    As you can read in my query I manage to do the syncronization Outlook with NAV.
    I need more information. I want to go the next step.
    Thanks a lot.
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    If you have access to partnersource please do take a look at this (it's an example for v5 but aplies also for v6):
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    Thanks a lot rhpnt.
    It's a very simple document, but could be the begining.
    Anyway if you know another document, something like 'The white book about the Microsoft Outlook Integration' (in the same way that Microsoft does with costs, warehouse, etc...) let me know it. I'm not capable to find those documents in the Partner Source.
    Thanks a lot.
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    rhpnt : the last document that you linked really it's a very very simple document.

    This is the link to download the Withe Paper for Outlook Integration Installation & Setup Technical White Paper ... fe75de286d

    And those ones are interesting links about Synchronization: ... -2009.aspx ... -2009.aspx ... 9-sp1.aspx

    Search in blogs with tags Synchronization Outlook NAV ... utlook+naV
    Thanks a lot.
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