Run a field in body of report only once?

nvermanverma Posts: 386Member
I created a report for our client a while ago and they wanted a few modifications. So basically, the user will go to Customer Ledger Entries and select the ones he wants. Based on the selection, I have to transfer the Description and the Amount field from the selection to the report I have created. In the report, we have the following fields in the header:- Year, Description, and Amount.

1) In the body section, I was able to get the Description, and Amount field user selected. However, the client want the year to be printed once. Currently, since its in the body section, it repeats it for every single record. Is there any property that I can set, so the year field runs only once in the report. I tried moving the Year field from the body section to the Header section (which fixed the issue, but now its not at the same level as the description field). The client needs the year to be at the same level as the first description field).

2) When the report is run, I want it to be able to Automatically Incremment the Receipt No. based on the number it was last time. For Instance, I ran the Report Once (Thus, Receipt No. field should show 1. The next time I run the report, it should automatically Incremement the Receipt No. and show the receipt No. field as 2). Any Idea how I can implement this functionality?


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