Usermenu level Parser

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Usermenu level Parser
Utility to list what users have added to their shortcut menus.

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  • Big_DBig_D Posts: 168Member
    Hi Willy

    Great tool alright matie =D> !

    All too often a punter will send us a screenshot on where a object is run from but this is on their shortcut menu - I would come online - login via my login but another user's shortcuts is no good to me!

    So keep up the good work

    Big D signing off!
  • KYDutchieKYDutchie Posts: 343Member
    Thanks David,

    this was originally written for 4.0 SP3 so it might need some tweaking for 5.0 and 2009.

    Thanks again.

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  • Big_DBig_D Posts: 168Member
    Hi Willie

    Your welcome :D !

    I ran it in 2009R2 with no adjustments - so your officially up to date matie - well done =D> !

    Keep up the good work
    Big D signing off!
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