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Hi, I have frist wrote time in here. :)
anyway, I hope install and running Employee Poetal with NAV and Sharepoint Service 3.0.
So, I think I do all install eveythings required. however, it doesn't work it and I don't have any idea.

Install: OS Windows Server 2008 R2
IIS and DNS Service
Active Directory service
Sharepoint Service 3.0
NAV 2009 R2, Application Server, and NEP
Demo Web Site(But there is no Demo website File - html or as like it)

nav with demo db

but when I check services, there is no running about "Application Server" services.
so what should and what I reference for emplryee portal?


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    Hi chandramsc,

    There was pretty much the same kind of question in an other thread so i thought it is useful to copy my answer from there, and here you go:

    You need to install Microsoft Message Queuing (MSMQ) and you have to create the message queues because this MSMQ component is needed for the communication between the web parts from employee portal and the Navision Application Server (NAS). Additionally, you need to install the Application Server that is starting Employee Portal.

    In Dynamics NAV you must have a configuration ready for the setup and for the web parts. The configuration for web parts
    is called request type and defines which data shall be displayed. In the Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 (WSS) you must
    have a created web application. Then, you have to install the web parts of Employee Portal in the web application. On the pages internal the web application you can add web parts that refer to the request type configuration then.

    BTW: the 4th generation of Employee portal is IT IS active 2010 SP2 http://itis.de/it_is_active_2010/time_entry_matrix.aspx This solution provides you much more opportunities for creating a user friendly SharePoint based portals
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