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Hi guys I've 1 question about designing report for RTC.
The "KeepTogether" property for tables and list is described as follow: "it tries to keep the object in one page if it's possible".
My question is: what happens if it's not possible? it breaks the object in 2 pages or it makes a sort of "pake break at start" and put all the object in the second page?
Many Thx in advance!
It works as expected... More or Less...


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    If it doesn't fit on the page where it starts, it will be moved to the next page. If it doesn't fit there, it will be broken into pieces and what fits on the first page will be printed there, the rest will go to the next page, and so forth.

    More or less :)
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    I ask this because I cannot understand the behaviour of this report.
    I set the KeepTogether for this table:

    then I try to print the report but the table is divided in 2 parts also if in page 2 there's enough space to print it...

    may I miss something?
    It works as expected... More or Less...
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    It seems that the keeptogether property works only with a list element.
    I don't no why, but on my side it works.

    Put the elements that you want to keep together all on a seperate list element.

    In my example there are 3 list element
    The first for the normal header and lines.
    the second for different terms(payment, delivery)
    and the third for the delivery address.
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