CR+LF issue

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Hi all,

On a classic report I collect a field of several records and seperate them with a CR+LF construction so that the fields can be put in a variable which I print on the report.

This works like a charm on my Windows 7 machine and on the Windows Small Business Server 2011 of our client. When I run the report on de client machines (Windows XP, however I'm not completely sure and not able to check at the moment) the report also prints the fields like I expect it to do, but at the end of every row it prints a square like this █ , but "blank" on the inside.

I've read that difference in architecture can cause problems when you run documents on different OS'es like Windows, Linux or Mac OS. But what causes the squares? And, more important, how do I fix this?



  • BernardJBernardJ Posts: 57Member

    I don't know what causes the squares, if you are using Char [13] And Char [10], but I'd recommend to use an array or temporary rec printing on an Integer dataitem.

  • mdPartnerNLmdPartnerNL Posts: 776Member
    How do you collect them? use ansiTOascii?
  • PloegPloeg Posts: 70Member
    I'll go for the array solution. ANSII vs ASCII is evil..! ](*,)
  • PloegPloeg Posts: 70Member
    I still haven't found a solution for the squares. But using an array work fine in this case.

    Case closed.
    Bye \:D/
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