table purchase line is locked

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we have NAV 5.0 and we using sql server 2005.

In one company when user wants to press F9 Statistics, error appers "The Purchase Line table cannot be changed because it is locked by another user. Wait until the user is finished and then try again".

I have checked in file/database/information --> blocking user Id, also I have executed procedure to see who's blocking table, but I do not get any information.

Can any suggest how to check what's going on ?


  • mpudjampudja Posts: 41Member
    problem is solved.
    one user has started two clients. After loggin off all users from nav, one user was still had one session opened (something like zombie process).

    After I killed that process everything is normally.

    But, I still don't know why I didn't saw which user was lock the table.
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