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write2souravwrite2sourav Posts: 113Member
My client purchases materials from outside. As a result the material takes 5-6 days to deliver from the date of shipping. But the invoice is raised on the date of shipping always. As a result the invoice date is always before the GRN date. Clients wants to post the Invoice in NAV first and then the GRN. How to handle such a situation..........Plz advice..

I am using NAV 2009 SP1 India localization.


  • ssinglassingla Posts: 2,973Member
    This is not possible in NAV. Material receipt (GRN/MRN) will always be made before invoicing.
    CA Sandeep Singla
  • j.marseloj.marselo Posts: 102Member
    you can trick the process using Prepayment. -or-
    you can do a pre-receipt, as if you have receive the items. then when actual item arrive, you can transfer it to actual Location.
    B U T , you need to measure the risk.
    What if in actual delivery you return some items? What if the actual delivery the count is not match? What if ... many things you need to anticipate.
    you can make the Credit Memo or adjustment for the problem arises, but ... why you add more works to a process that in fact you can only do 1 posting?
    Kind regards, Joe Marselo | see my NAV blog | twitter @joemarselo
  • veeraviveeravi Posts: 66Member
    You can inform the client as this is not the standard business practice.

    Warm regards
  • write2souravwrite2sourav Posts: 113Member
    I made a GRN in Navision on today's date, but changed the invoice posting date to some earlier date and posted in the system. Now the liability was booked earlier, but material posting date was later.

    Is this really a valid way to overcome this scenario. Plz advice
  • David_SingletonDavid_Singleton Posts: 5,379Member
    This topic has been discussed many many times on both forums. if you search you will find a lot of answers.
    David Singleton
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