What is R2-CRM connector Reg: Key?

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Hi all,

May i know R2-CRM connector Reg: key? Is it CRM key or Nav key? If it is NAV key where can i find it?

Doc: said
The Connector for Microsoft Dynamics is now included in the Advanced Management and Business Essentials Foundation Packs.
To activate the Connector for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 R2, access your VOICE account where a Registration key is provided to enable activation
of the connector in the Adaptor section of your VOICE account.
But i cannot find at my voice a/c. Kindly, please guide to me.

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  • SogSog Posts: 1,011Member
    You can find your Voice Account on partnersource
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  • yukonyukon Posts: 340Member
    Hi Sog,

    Thx! I can find/go to my voice account. But where is reg: key link. Pls see attach is it one?

    Best Regards,
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  • najjanajja Posts: 67Member
    Hello Yukon, Where you able to find the Regn Key. I had no luck, could not even find where is the "Adapter" section in our VOICE account.
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    I was able to find the Registration Key (FINALLY!!!).

    If you are a partner, goto your VOICE account --> Find the Customer (or any customer who are active on BREP) --> Click on the link "Registration Keys" --> Select the Version of NAV (2009) and click on "Display Licenses"

    You will be able to find the Registration Key for Connector.

    Hope this helps.

    - Najja
  • JDVyskaJDVyska Posts: 153Member
    For finding your Partner key, it's this:

    1. Go to VOICE
    2. Under My Corporate Information
    3. Under Current Installation
    4. Click Modules/Reg Keys
    5. Click Registration Keys
    6. Select NAV 2009 version information
    7. Click Display License Keys
    8. Wait for 45 seconds of invisible page loading that looks like it’s not working.

    That oddly took me a bit to find and many Microsoft staff to track down.
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  • tameemabdullahtameemabdullah Posts: 17Member
    Mine was in a slightly different path...

    1. Go to VOICE
    2. Under My Corporate Information
    3. Under Current Installation
    4. Click Modules
    5. Microsoft Dynamics CRM On-Premise
    Click Registered Modules
    6. Look for Microsoft CRM Application Integration
    7. Choose serial no.
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