Consuming external Web Services in NAV 2009 SP1

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Hi you all,

I've read several online tutorials about "Connecting to NAV Web Services" from numerous plattforms/languages such as Silverlight, Windows Mobile, JavaScript, PHP and so on. Even connecting to NAV Web Services from NAV itself.

I must confess: I'm new to this but... what if we wanted the other way around, connecting to external web services from NAV 2009 SP1?

I'm trying to find a way to accomplish this.

In the first scenario ("Connecting to NAV Web Services from NAV 2009 SP1"), we have to invoke the web service, sending it a XML Document or a string (as a request) "asking" it for a response.

I guess that, in order to achieve what I'm trying, NAV has to invoke an external web service ("calling" its URL), send it some kind of a request (be it a XML Document or just a string) and then getting the response back.

In theory, this is possible, but I must ask, has it been done already?
Does anyone know about any online tutorial?

Thanks in advance!
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    i don't know if someone already "work arounded" this, but you can try to search "consume web service" in mibuso...
    anyway, nav 2009 R2 (will be released by the end of the year) will be able to consume webservices!
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    aren't you looking for this? -->
  • redhotmustangredhotmustang Posts: 91Member
    Well, I searched the forums trying to find a topic relating to this and didn't find any, but now thanks to you I found important material to study. Let me see if this is it!

    And I'm looking forward to seeing R2 in action then! It looks like it is going to have support to easily consume web services.
    Thank you.
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