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Several of our suppliers are offering Payment terms that use the following Concept of 10th-25th prox.

In a Nutshell these terms mean

If a Supplier invoice is dated on or before the 15th of a Month, Then it is due on the 25th of the same Month. If the Invoice is dated after the 15th of the Month, then it is due on the 10th of the Following Month.

for example

Invoice 123 Dated January 14, 2010 is due on January 25, 2010
Invoice 124 Dated January 20, 2010 is due on February 10, 2010

Most of these invoices deal with a payment discount, But if I can figure out How to set Navision up to perform this due date calculation, using no development, I can resolve all of my setup issues.

This forum is twofold. Does you company / clients have a need for these types of terms? If so, please respond. If this functionality does not currently exist, perhaps we can get a discussion started to get this to get this functionality in the future.

Any Ideas on How to create this payment terms calculation? If so, I am pretty sure that you would be helping out a lot of people, including myself?

Thanks again,



  • AlexWileyAlexWiley Posts: 229Member
    I believe you would need manual intervention from the user to do this without development. The issue here is creating one Date Formula that does not result in a static output (15th of the following month, 60 days, etc.). So you could have a payment term for each one and then the user could select whichever one was appropriate.

    For the first one: D25 and the second 10D+1M-1D
  • ALyczkowskiALyczkowski Posts: 33Member

    Thank-you. I was looking for some confirmation, and also wondering if there was any other way. Your suggestion seems to be the consensus. I really appreciate your Input.


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