Whitepaper: The Navision 4.0 Navigation Pane

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Whitepaper: The Navision 4.0 Navigation Pane
Microsoft Navision 4.0 provides completely redesigned main menu functionality; the Navision Navigation Pane. The main aim of this document is to explain how the new main menu affects an upgrade. We therefore recommend that you read this information before upgrading customers to Navision 4.0. You can find additional information about the Navigation Pane in the Navision online Help, the C/SIDE Reference Guide (online Help) and in the manual Application Designer’s Guide.


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  • tvandongentvandongen Posts: 78Member
    Do you also have information about release dates ?
  • SorcererSorcerer Posts: 115Member
    the german release date is 22.10.2004
  • Luc_VanDyckLuc_VanDyck AartselaarPosts: 3,626Member, Moderator, Administrator
    The following country versions where released today: AT, DE, GB, NL, SE, US/CA.
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  • vyankuvyanku Posts: 791Member
    pls tell me how to open this whitepaper is there any online help about C\CIDE development
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