Slow response time through TSE

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We have the following installation :
4 companies, 2 databases (2x2 companies)

Each SQL DB is hosted on a different SQL Server.

SQL1 has 16 gb RAM
SQL2 has 4 gb RAM
Both SQL Servers runs :
Windows Server 2003 R2 SP2
Microsoft SQL Enterprise Manager V8.0
NAV 3.70

The Network cards are the same, with the same driver.

The users are balanced on 5 TSE servers.

The Database hosted on SQL1 has good response times directly on the server. It becomes very slow thgrough TSE. The SQL2 hosted DB has quite the sames response times on the SQL console and through the TSE.

We tried to backup and restore the DB from SQL1 to SQL2 and the response times were very good through TSE, so this doesn't come from the DB.

Do you have any idea of what could help ?
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    Hi Aure69

    What sort of network infrastructure do you have between the terminal servers and the slow SQL server? A network hub, faulty network switch, faulty network card or congested network cable could be responsible for the problem. Ideally the link would be gigabit switched.
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    How are the TS size? According to the MS recommendations you should ...

    ... run no more than 10 (to max. 15) users per CPU (for example 20 Users on one Dual Core CPU)
    ... have 64 MB RAM per User
    ... have 500 MB Disk-Space per User (SAS/uSCSI, 15k rpm)
    ... have Gigabit Network

    This just fulfills the requirements for NAV only; the requirements of other applications have to be added on top of this.
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