Navision Links and XP Service Pack 2

Ian_piddigntonIan_piddignton Posts: 92Member
Hi All

We have a site that uses the send link by email function in Navision. This has worked fine until they installed XP Service Pack 2. Now they find that the links are blocked. Microsoft tech support have been unable to replicate the issue directly becasue they think it is related to the email client. The site uses Novell Groupwise and of course the only documentation they can find to help relates to Outlook.

Anyone got any ideas what settings in the service pack need tweeking? I am sure it is around the new security features, but not sure where to tweek them.

Any ideas would be great




  • dijconadijcona Posts: 8Member
    Try this:

    Run regedit and find the key:

    Remove the double backslash so that there is only single backslash in the
    path to finhlink.exe

    Desktop shortcuts and email links should work again. If you use group policies you could then roll this change out to all machines. Otherwise just create a .reg file that people load into their machines.

  • Ian_piddigntonIan_piddignton Posts: 92Member
    Thanks for that I'll give it a whirl.

  • detlefdetlef Posts: 36Member
    Thank you, Meint
    That worked perfectly.
    I had the same problem.

  • Kim_KjærgaardKim_Kjærgaard Posts: 17Member
    I need to use these links, so that we can call navision fra outlook, and show the customer.

    The only documentation i can find is for Navision 4.0 with smarttags - nd we are using 3.70

    Thanks in advance
  • Ian_piddigntonIan_piddignton Posts: 92Member
    Hi Kim.

    I am not sure it is documented well anywhere.

    To send the link you go into Navision. Have the customer Card open and on the customer you want to link to and then got to File->Send->Link by Email. This will generate a email witht eh link in it. Proiding the receipiant of the email has navision and can connect to the Database clicking the link will automatically open Navision and open the customer card on the customer selected.

    Smart tags works by the user typing a customer name in application that understands smart tags(eg word) it then underlines it in pink and you get an option to open the customer card(assuming it was a customer name) from there. Depending on the local MBS office Smart tags has been avaiable from about 3.60(at least that was the first version I worked on in the UK) If you want any more info drop me a line.


  • Kim_KjærgaardKim_Kjærgaard Posts: 17Member
    Ok thanks,

    I went into to navision and made the links, i was just hopeing that someone knew what was possible.
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