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Hi fella's,

Anybody come across the following error when trying to use common dialog management codeunit in Nav2009?

This message is for C/AL programmers:
The OLE control or Automation server identified by 'Microsoft Common Dialog Control 6.0'.CommonDialog requires a design time license. This license cannot be obtained.
Make sure that the OLE control or Automation server is installed correctly with the appropriate license.

I am using an up to date Nav 2009 dev license.


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    Yes, it is common thing. The OCX is licensed and to be able to add new variable into NAV with this OCX you need license for it. The license is part of Visual Studio 6.0. Just search on Internet, you will find possible solutions.
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  • poloniouspolonious Posts: 64Member
    It took a bit of searching, but finally found a fix for it.

    I added the following key to the registry, and I was then able to successfully compile the object.

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    Seems the Irish scores. This is the only usefull advice for years in this house. Good work. Saved a bunch of hours because of you. Ta very much.
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