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elhassanelhassan Posts: 2Member
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Dear all,
when my store opertaions' users transfer out the items inside the offline inventory to any store we found them inside the offline inventory list report in the headquarter with thier quantities and the transfer number exists.
Also these items didn't went from the store offline inventory.
in the normal situtions it is supposed that these items disapear once they have been transfered. but they not.
do any body has advice for me?


  • sajidhanifkhansajidhanifkhan Posts: 181Member
    what do u mean by offline inventroy? r u having native database at any of your location and from thier your transferring to your back office? or you are replicating the inventory from HO to the location?
    how u r using this optin? Please elobrate more to advice you more clearly.

  • jennydatjennydat Posts: 11Member
    The offline inventory is designed to track all stock transferred to it.
    It main objective being a way of tracking how much stock is damaged so you can account for the loss.

    Why do you want the stock to dissappear?

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