how to delete the posted sales invoice..

nrapendranrapendra Posts: 208Member
hi all,

i have posted a wrong sales invoice.
now i want to delete it with all its effects.

how can i do this.

pls suggest.
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  • PhennoPhenno Posts: 623Member
    nrapendra wrote:
    hi all,

    i have posted a wrong sales invoice.
    now i want to delete it with all its effects.

    how can i do this.

    pls suggest.

    In some countries (in most of, to be actual) it is illegal to delete posted g/l entries...
    You will have to make a correction journal through credit memo or return receipt document (or through journals...)
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    I do not recommend to do that. It is much cleaner to do correct Cr. memo as Phenno wrote...
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  • Miklos_HollenderMiklos_Hollender Posts: 1,477Member
    Talk to the accounting auditor. Fast. 200% s/he would be horrified by the idea.

    Credit Memo is the way to go and Copy Document is the way to do it quickly and comfortably.

    A bit of a hint. Always use the Exact Cost Reversal in S&R Setup (unless you use standard costing) as otherwise you'll end up taking the Items back on a different unit cost than they were sold which is a major headache.

    If you copy the invoice, Exact Cost Reversal will enforce to populate the Applies-To Entry No. field which is a bit a of nuisance.

    If the invoice relates to one and only one shipment note you can copy that instead and then the above fields will be populated automatically. But there is a caveat. If it's an export invoice, and the shipment note was made on a different document date than the invoice, in this case, be sure to update the document date of the credit memo to be the same as the invoice, or otherwise you can have different exchange rates and therefore it's not reversed exactly the same way...
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    don't do it. Credit note or return order is the right option. Deletion is illegal and also it will land you in lot of issues which will be very difficult to set right.
    CA Sandeep Singla
  • WaldoWaldo Posts: 3,412Member
    Let's stress it again: Don't do it! Use credit memo to correct your invoice.

    IF you still decide to go for it, take this in consideration:
    - delete all related records (dimensions, ledger entries, posted documents, ...)
    - reset the no. series
    - reset qty-values on order / warehouse documents / shipping documents / production documents / ...

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  • mukshamuksha Posts: 274Member
    My God, Please dont do it and convince your client.
    btw how the idea has come to a consultant's mind?
    Mukesh Sharma
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